Sainte-Chapelle [x]

I don’t know if you realize this, but Gothic architecture is one of my favorite things ever. ^-^


Cinder in her workshop/bedroom, my second attempt, first is here
i have a headcanon that she would find plants or flowers, maybe in the cracks on pavements and take them home
i also really really wanted to draw a background

Doodles from France, using water soluble graphite and Pentel water brush. This is such an awesome combo, especially for museums, because it’s faster to get smooth shades than with just pencil, and they are so compact yet give you that painterly texture! I am smitten. [x]


Commission 34 by lostie815

Commissioned my sister to do a portrait of Cahir from Illuminate. I love himmmm!


Study of Michelangelo’s Pietà [x]

The Silver Eye webcomic is updated and the ship known as Gutair is sinking fast!

The Silver Eye webcomic updated! This page. I have many conflicting feels concerning this page. Between what’s going on and happy baby faces, I don’t know what to make of it.

The Silver Eye webcomic is updated! In which the “better to apologize later than ask for permission” method goes horribly wrong.

Doodles of my puppy ^-^

The Silver Eye webcomic updated! At least he apologized beforehand…

Commission for sbrigs of her characters Riley and Drake!

Commission of Percy and his dad [x]

The Silver Eye webcomic updated! It is time to revisit our favorite flashback time-frame! 

Marcus in his happy place! From The Silver Eye webcomic.

Portrait of Jacin Clay [x]