All my lady characters from The Silver Eye webcomic in one place!

My sister finished her master’s program and commissioned me to draw her and her classmates’ characters!

I was just scanning through the stuff on the Cancer Gets LOST charity auction and thinking about getting something when I saw this.That’s my dirt! That’s my sister in the pic scooping it up in Hawaii!

I put the pebbly dirt in vials and sold them on eBay, raising enough money to by my first SLR and computer with it. One guy in France resold a vial for $400 and I was really jealous of him. Man, this brings back memories. Glad this vial’s getting around and being sold for a good cause! :D

Noah could use a hand about now. D’oh! The Silver Eye updated!


Oh look cosplay!!!! So last week I dug around in my closet (ok I also looked in my mom’s closet) trying to figure out a combo that might be something Berlyne would wear. Who is Berlyne you might ask? Well she is one of the main characters in my favorite comic “The Silver Eye”. Seriously if you haven’t read this comic you NEED to…IT IS AMAZING!!!!! I really hope I did Berlyne justice…and this is the first time I’ve posted pictures of my face (because in my ranger pics you rarely ever saw my face xD) online…weeee!!!!
Berlyne c) thesilvereye

OH MY GOSH! Someone cosplayed as one of my characters… my life feels so complete right now. This is awesome! You totally captured her attitude, too. Imma draw that outfit into the comic in the future. ^-^


Anonymous asked:

I'm a big fan of the silver eye and I'm thinking about starting my own webcomic myself. How'd you make your website? any tips? thank you so much for your time!

So glad you like The Silver Eye! Here are a few resources:

  • My website is hosted on Bluehost with Wordpress and the plugin Comic Easel. Frumph, the guy who built the plugin, is the guru of building webcomic sites. He has useful forums and blog posts too.
  • Smackjeeves and ComicFury are some good free sites for hosting webcomics.
  • W3Schools is incredibly helpful for coding info/tutorials!
  • Jason Brubaker has written a lot of blog posts that have helped me out while making webcomic choices.
  • PaperWings has very good posts and podcasts about storytelling and making webcomics in general. (Though the site’s currently transitioning)
  • Landing pages aren’t great for webcomics. I’d recommend having the most recent comic show up on the home page.

Making the site took me a couple weeks, working on and off, even though I was basically just customizing the Comic Easel plugin/template. When I ran into trouble or didn’t know how to code something, I’d just do a internet search to find a solution. I was a html/css newbie but that method worked out for me.

I gotta run, but I hope those things help, and good luck on your comic!

Mom: *Comes into room* Hey, I love you. I just wanted to check how you were doing. *Snatches a handful of my chocolate and then leaves*

Would you like some sad Apen feels on this fine day? The Silver Eye updated!

Some art for others

Mom: *Walks past house with two dogs and a guy in the yard* …I wonder if anyone lives there.

The Silver Eye updated! Apen’s attempt to get rid of Enel seems to have failed. Plus, all patrons on Patreon can see next week’s page right now!

Look how short he is, he can’t get his face in the panel :(

Very very bad time to have your doc preoccupied.

The Silver Eye webcomic updated!


Dude behind the counter: So, what are you doing today?

Me: We will be going to a thrift store where we will be casually looking for clothing to dress up as a character from a comic—Well actually a webcomic called The Silver Eye.
Dude: That’s weird
Me: I know
Dude: What kind of clothing?
My Friend: Blue dresses
Dude: And where exactly will you wear these clothes anyways?
Me:… Nowhere. No one will recognise us anyways because this webcomic doesn’t have the fame and fortune it deserves.
*Awkward Silence*
And that is the story of how I, who usually doesn’t casually mention my dorky interests, exposed the extent of my nerdiness to a complete stranger. All the while my poor friend had to stand by and deal with the awkwardness.

Hahaha! Oh my goodness. Who needs fame and fortune anyway when I have readers like you! :D


Noah  calm down, he’s just a nice bookworm

And yeah, I recommend you to read The Silver Eye. Mostly to check that cutie Noah.

No hay desperdicio.

Yay, fanart! <3 Poor Noah, he’s gonna be stuck on a journey with his NOtp.

Fanart for the Redcoat West webcomic!