The Silver Eye webcomic updated! If I must bear the curse of shortness than so must Apen.

Commission for Irulan Horner of her character, Rubia!
Irulan’s Website | Commission Info

Last night I had a dream where Blue Dolan cursed Aetius to turn into a mouse. He was runnin’ around like an evil Reepicheep and he had an entourage of ninja mice under his command. It was so randomly adorable!

Aetius is from The Silver Eye comic, (though he’s not normally a mouse!)

The Silver Eye webcomic updated! And it’s not a good time for Noah to be a hero.

Your maturity is judged by your ability to handle the immaturity of others.

Murphy Matheny (via peterdwebb)

The Silver Eye webcomic updated! Sorry, I couldn’t make myself pick preview panels, I just loved the whole page too much!

I’m so glad I gave Enel those long sleeves. Best decision I ever made.




So excited!!! So excited!!! So excited!!!

The bottom image is a bit distorted and way too desautrated, and we promise Bob is not cross eyed. ;) The middle image was just something OLI made, and was used as a screensaver at work, but now they’re using to promote things. Heh. Weird! Here’s some of our concept work and a sneak peek at some new characters, everyone!

Photos from the blogger conference in Nashville TN.

The new VeggieTales has Eli and Oli art, and writing from Ethan Nicole (Axe Cop, Bearmageddon) and Doug TenNapel (Earthworm Jim, Cardboard).

Dreamworks just scooped up some of my all time favorite artists and storytellers and brought them together to work on one of my favorite childhood series. I haven’t watched VeggieTales in a long time, but this has got me so freaking excited!

Commissions for MystAngel-Wings! Top one from July, bottom from May. ^-^ Commission Info

Doodle of Berlyne from The Silver Eye webcomic. She’s one of those characters that I can never seem to draw right. And Gurl, you need to get yourself a real hairbrush, because your hands aren’t doing anything for that frizzy mess.

Silly kids these days, always standing on horses and stuff…The Silver Eye webcomic updated!

This is the process I go through when I have no ideas or motivation for  drawing. Sometimes my brain refuses to help me start, so I go looking around everywhere and anywhere to hunt down solutions, and in the end the final product looks as decent as what I draw when I’m motivated.


Anonymous asked:

i worry sometimes that since im 17 and i just started taking art classes at my highschool when i was 14 that i wont be able to really achieve anything with my art. its what i want to with my life but i worry that i dont have enough experience for college classes. but you are really inspirational to me and i wanted you to know that and i wanted to say thank you

I started to take art seriously about 5 years ago. T’was the year I was your age at 17, the year I started The Silver Eye, and also the year I took my very first art class. You can think of it this way, since your first class was at 14, you’ve basically got a 3 year head start in your art career compared to me!

From what I’ve seen, I really wouldn’t worry about experience for the sake of college. Something important to know about most college art classes is that in the first ones like Fundamentals 1 and Drawing 1, most of students’ art is just completely awful, whether because they’re beginners, because they’re just in the class to get easy credits, or because they’re an adorable old lady taking the class for the heck of it. No matter where you are with your art, you’re not gonna be alone, because everyone is there to learn and grow together.

Thank you so much for your message, it means so much to me! Good luck with your art!


Anonymous asked:

what are some tips you have for aspiring artists (both digitally and traditionally)? (if you don't mind me asking, how did you art journey start?)

Draw as much as you can, and switch things up. Do a ton of studies. Work from real life, photos, 3d models, tutorials, and your imagination. You can do studies from other artist’s work to understand how they think and see the world (but as a personal thing for yourself, not for copying their art and claiming it as yours, cuz that’s just rude). Try not to get stuck focusing exclusively on one style, medium, or subject, because I’ve found my art gets stagnant and doesn’t progress as much when I do that.

I’ve learned to draw through making my webcomic, but my art journey began when I was 13. My pancreas just up and died on me, resulting in Type 1 Diabetes. The year+ of undiagnosed Diabetes took its toll on my body and through ages 13-15 my eyes slowly developed cataracts until I was blind. I had to have surgeries to replace the lenses in my eyes with synthetic ones.

After the surgeries, everything went from one giant sepia tone blur back to normal. There was just so much I realized I had missed, and ever since I’ve had a yearning for vivid colors, textures, varying values and edges, and all the elements of sight that I lost. I think this is the root of why I love art and why I draw, because I am thankful to see at all, and I want to use my sight to its fullest potential.

New painting of the St. Claire siblings from The Silver Eye! I’ll never get better at perspective if I don’t practice. D:

Apen’s got short people problems. Enel is funny when he’s wet. I accidentally gave the countries complimentary colors. The Silver Eye webcomic updated!